Wye Church is showing its commitment to tackling environmental issues by engaging with the Eco-

Congregation programme. (See the Eco-Congregation website for more details).


The Eco-Congregation is inter-denominational and encourages us to consider environmental issues within a

Christian context.  The programme provides a toolkit of 12 modules to take forward positive action for the

environment under three main areas of church life:

  • spiritual – worship and teaching

  • practical – things to do with the church buildings and land

  • mission – reaching out to the local and global community


In November 2008, we established an Eco-Ccongregation Working Group.  After undertaking a range of activities we decided to apply for an Eco-Congregation award which we received in summer 2013.













Our activities include:

  • Monthly Parish Magazine articles

  • Where to recycle

  • Contributions to services

  • Helping with churchyard maintenance

  • Supporting national and international environmental initiatives


The Eco-Congregation group meets quarterly to identify, develop and implement actions. 

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 14th July in the Lower Tower Room of Wye church at 11.15am following the service. All welcome to join us.

Anyone who is interested can get involved contact Teresa Redfern on 01233 812352.