Agnostics Anonymous


Our informal meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month at the

Heritage Centre, in the Old Latin School, Wye College, at 7.30pm. Refreshments

are provided.


Our meetings have consisted of:


  • People who were tentatively exploring the Christian faith (or faith in general) but who found the idea of attending a formal course in church (such as Alpha or Credo or The God Question) a bit too ‘heavy’ (and that’s part of what people have expressed here: this setting is a less threatening environment than a church for some...);


  • Newcomers to the church who still weren’t sure exactly what – or even if – they believed;


  • People who had been going to church for some time but secretly (or, in some cases, not so secretly) found they couldn’t actually believe some of the things they were supposed to – or, indeed, thought they were supposed to. Quite often, people were surprised to discover that what they thought they were supposed to believe was the very opposite of what the church actually teaches and that, by rejecting it, they were allying themselves with all the best theologians through the ages, not the heretics!


So, if this sounds like you and you would like to discuss life, the universe and everything, please come along whether you’re a fully paid-up believer, a total sceptic or anything in between.